American Dream

I had a dream,

A dream, one day I will fly away from my little city. A dream, one day I will land on the state of dreams. A dream, one day this land will be the ground of the American Dream.

The American Dream has been a utopia since I was a child and as I was desperately pursuing it, when I grew a little older, it became an obsession. I have to admit that, I was easily driven by what I saw in the cinema without even knowing if it was True or False. Such a naive girl… Well, I prefer to call myself a dreamy girl who sees the good in everything.

I did not know, as a teenager, one day my own dream would become a reality.

I am a business student, an international business student. Stunning right? Defining international: Existing between countries, exactly describing myself. I am existing between and through all the countries, all the cultures and all the people.

What is much gratifying than the fact of knowing everything about the way of living of everyone on this beautiful earth? So why am I only focus on the United States of America?

Simply because it is the country made of a legendary “melting pot”. A complete mix of cultures, countries, religions. Because it is where opportunities flourish, I can tell. And where people are nicer than in Paris. (I love you deeply Parisian people, really…)

So after passing years and years, dreaming about it. One day, I got the chance to witness a dream… I got the opportunity to fly over the Atlantic Ocean and discover America!!!

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