The Devil Always wears Prada

“The Devil wears Prada”,

We all know this famous movie directed by David Frankel.

Even though, the Devil in the story is the amazing Meryl Streep, I don’t want to talk about her.

Dear Ladies reading this article, between you and I, we understood that the subject of this article is about Prince Charming, this mysterious guy running the street of a megalopolis who clearly, didn’t run on to us yet. Or it is possibly this ex, who ran on to you, but instead of picking you up on the way, kept running after a quick break.

The quest of the perfect man is some kind of an idyllic adventure that is ideally happening in our dreams.The_Devil_Wears_Prada

Why am I highlighting this point?

Definitely because the only kind of man we want to date is a made-to-measure gentleman perfectly suiting us like the perfect dress I just bought on ASOS.

But, you know what? ASOS sometimes is a bitch! As you finally bought this dress you saw on the website and endlessly waited the longest week of your life. You receive it. You open the package. You put it on. And there, you see it doesn’t fit at all!

And pissed you are, pissed you’ll stay.

Still, ASOS is not much of a bitch considering the fact that you can still return your dress and get repaid.

Pissed you are not anymore.


In real life and in real relationships, it’s not that easy. When you’re looking for a man, the first thing you’ll see, it’s his look. Then, when you’ll go deeper, you’ll see the real bitch hiding behind his perfect fitted tuxedo. And you won’t have to blame anyone but yourself.

Because, there is no ASOS to find the right man. There is no ASOS to blame, neither for that dress…

At the end, if during the purchasing process, you had been careful. You would have seen that the size you took was wrong, instead of an 8 you should have taken a 10.

Ladies, next time you find a good looking man, don’t just look at his abs under his hot shirt because the Devil always wears Prada. 😉



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