When Love Takes Over

And we all scream « Yeaah ! You know you can’t deny! », thanks Kelly Rowland ft. David Guetta.

Actually, we all know what it feels like ! Well I hope so, if not, please do witness this strange and not yet analyzed alchemy which goes beyond physics and more into the unknown of people’s brains psyche.

Most of us had an affair with a lady or a man, [Yes, because this blog is totally for the HLGBTQ equality], Most of us had a relationship that ended badly or smoothly. Yet, there is more than this two options of a relationship’s end.

There is the UNKNOWN part of it, the thing that makes you feel that there is no more that could make you bloom anymore. Something that has been lost on the way. Something hard to explain.

This worst thing someone can tell you, whether its a man or a woman, is :

« As you deeply love me, I feel like I have nothing else to conquer ».

I mean WTF.

When Love has started to be a war to be won ?

Please let’s go back to the roots!


The Peace & Love symbol was invented in the 60s by a british guy named Gerald Holtom. And from this, the hippie movement bloomed, literally, around it. Proclaming and shouting that Love should take over the war.

Therefore, when you finished the war you finished the conquest, you start to Love and you keep loving. It is not a dead-end or an endless circle between War & Love.

It is the innovation and development of emotions.



For some philosophers love without war is meaningless. In a relationship war is like passion, it is an endless precious conquest. That is why, it shouldn’t get out of context, the fight you’re facing in your daily relationships is the passion evolving through times.

Then, the « Nothing else to conquer » itself is the lack of knowledge and the lack of « alchemy » in the person’s brain psyche.

For sure, love can take over but an idiot can’t.




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