Turn On: Dance & Embrace yourself!

Finally I found a remedy!

A remedy against negativity, loneliness & very mean vibes!

After 3 years, living alone, in a 25 meter square apartment, then, [as it was thanksgiving] THANKS GOD, thank you for putting in my way my current apartment where I cannot sleep while doing the cooking anymore!

I was used to arrive at a point, each year, where my freshness and my hyper positivity were in danger. Because there is a type of people that loooves having their own apartment and others that haaates living alone. Well… Me, I am out of these two options.

photoshopDSC04227From time to time,

I love taking care of myself, having my own space and do weird things by myself [Like trying on everything I have in my closet and after, leave a real mess on the floor, don’t judge!] . And some other time, my supervibe goes away and I feel lonely in my lovely apartment.

Tired of this routine,

even though I really did not want to, I decided to get up and without knowing why I grabbed my phone and forced my body to shake that booty! Seriously, I would have preferred to stay comfortably seated watching 2 Broke Girls [My remedy when I need to laugh].

I pushed my body out of the couch, put my earplugs on and turned the volume to the maximum and danced on Shakira! [Because she is too awesome]

Gradually, I felt my body reacting differently, letting go of all the negative vibes, accepting the good ones and my Body & Soul lived happily ever after!

photo (4) copyYOU ARE WRONG!

If you don’t want to dance, watch your TV Show while sipping your tea…

You should push yourself, shake it off and be Awesome!

But you are not so wrong…

Sometimes to embrace yourself, you have to accept the feeling of sadness, because when you’re accepting it. Your life gets much easier. It is this acceptance that makes you realize that you can’t be a superhero seven days a week and of course not 365 days a year.

But you can still try & I am going to make your life easier 😉

Playlist of Awesomeness:

– When you’re so Girly 

– When you want to Jump

– When you want to be Awesome

– When you’re feeling like a Bellydancer

– When you want to release the real You !!!

#BeAwesome ❤


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