Are types Stereotypes?

New Year’s Eve

 is coming far more faster than I thought.

And as Bridget Jones would write in her precious diary: “This year I will not fall for any of the following: alcoholics, workaholics, commitment phobics, people with girlfriends or wives, misogynists, megalomanics, chauvists, emotional fuckwits or freeloaders, perverts.”

The perfect Combo for the bad boy we do like. Our Daniel coming right from Bridget’s Diary.

It is not because it is an American movie,

That it can’t reveal the truth you, Ladies & Gentlemen, are hiding in the deepest parts of your brains [hearts? Any others parts?]. Most of us know what kind of person would be their ideal, let’s call it, Devil; others don’t [like me even though my ex-boss clearly highlighted I was into a certain type of guy I-will-never-mentionned-the-type]. We all have a freakin’ type of men or women.


If you still don’t know what type your brain is focusing on, the easiest way to find out is right in the reflection of all the exes that came into your life!

For those who already know and are still searching the Earth for a possible rendez-vous with their ideal Devil-mates, let me tell you something doll, it won’t happen.

Gently reminder for you,

Gentlemen: You would never find the twin of Adriana Lima or Kate Moss, perfectly fit, perfectly tanned, perfectly clean because she is perfectly Photoshopped. Also she is out of your reach. [No, I am just being jealous] Yet, if you do find this kind of girl, whether she is a gold-digger or already married to a multi-billionaire.

Ladies: You will never find the hot bad boy, rolling down on a Harley on a sunday afternoon, because he is surely an alcoholic and with no tangible career in the near future. Neither this amazingly handsome business man, ray-ban on, calling you in his office to talk about serious marketing issues, because he is surely a misogynist and a douche-bag.

New Type
Our types will never be stereotypes, we are condemned to live with them. It is not necessarily a bad thing, it is a dreamy one that happens once in a while.

When it gets to serious relationships, it is far more interesting and surprising because you’ll never end up with what you expected, you’ll never end up with your Devil.

This is The Real Stereotype.

#TRS 😉


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