Babi Blues

Christmas and New Year’s Eve vacations are over and I can’t get over it.

I just can’t get enough of Abidjan’s Love.

Capital of Ivory Coast, located in the western part of the African Continent, little piece of heaven on Earth hidden behind a resemblance of industrialization.

My Authentic Abidjan

Is a city where the roads are covered in sand, people walking in flip flops, merchants holding tons of fruit on their heads going house to house trying to sell them.

It is also the hot and warm sun hitting your skin while you lay down in your exotic garden, hearing birds chirping, lezards crawling on the grass and one or two butterfly spinning around your face.

Each time I land, freshly out of the plane, the time slows down. Stepping out of the airport the heat embraces me and I feel like home again…

Into the Wild

Even though the city by day is haven of peace, when the sun comes down it turns lively.

Nightclubs open everyday of the week with the obligation of fulfilling the crowd’s needs. Especially when this one party every night carrying and shaking out all the stress of the day. Overwhelmed by the movements around me I decided to sit down and observe the people’s behaviors into this wild place.

Sipping my glass of champagne, eyes wide open watching the dancefloor I was horribly surprised to see a pile of men starring at women wiggling to the sound of the music.

I also realized that some women had changed their outfit from tight skirt to comfy shorts or even more ridiculous clothes as if they’re trying to « Dress-to-Impress » !

Eat, Pray, Love & Repeat

The city nice by Day, wild and fun by Night at some point got me tired.

Therefore, the best place to rest, chill and charge your battery is Assine.

At 1 hour of Abidjan, Assinie is a piece of the coast divided in two parts : Mafia [Laguna Side + Beach Side] & Terminal [the Beach].

I was going to Mafia so with my little toubab* we crossed the laguna by boat and arrived in the most amazing chalet built at 1,5m from the ground directly facing the ocean.

The days were calm & peaceful, the only mandatory activities were eating, tanning and sleeping. The sun rising in the blue sky, without any cloud of pollution, listening to the sound of waves crashing on the sand and from time to time a quad would pass by.

 Ivory Coast is a piece of heaven in mother Africa.

 Vocabulary: African Slang

Babi = Abidjan

Toubab = French



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