To Feel or not to Feel?

Mirror mirror on the wall,

who’s the fairest of them all ?

innerself2Have you ever look at yourself in a mirror ?

Surely, a thousand times every morning right before going to work, univ, wherever your feet feel like to go.

But have you ever look at yourself in a mirror after a long day outside ?

Surely not. [Except if you’re totally narcissistic]

Worst question : Have you ever look at yourself naked in a mirror ?

[Come on Jems…] That’s so TABOO !!! It shouldn’t be ! It is your body at its best, without any bit of artificial layers oppressing it, in its literally natural beauty.

 Why would I ask you this awkwardly creepy question ?

Simply because today, in this world of materialism, we tend to compare ourselves with the gorgeous VS’ Models [Adriana & Miranda no offense]. We awfully bow to the standards of the mass media and forget to watch instead the real TV show happening right now in our apartment : Our Mirror.

Inner-self is not what you think it is !

Your inner-self is not your downstairs body part people ! [You naughty little readers !]

Feeling your inner-self, is how to feel your soul ! And the best way to reach it, is to directly looking at it. You’re wondering how could you look at something invisible for the eyes ? [I’m Magic, I know] It is by doing some good for your body and mind.

Here is when you start using the experience of the Mirror ! Showing to your beautiful mind that you have a beautiful body. Take a look at your skin and how it embrace you as a whole and outline you from head to toe, passing by your generous hips in a smooth and drawn shape.

IMG_8055 2

Your mind got it, let’s see if your body follows…

I recently attended my first yoga class and I ended speechless ! The first exercises were focused on stretching and breathing, Gosh I underestimated my teacher !

Even the little I made, was a big step for my inside, I felt my lungs inhaling and exhaling the fresh air, my muscles relaxing, my brain focusing and my ears soothing the noise around.

At the end, it has been like an awakening for myself. Everything became clear and I finally felt my inner-self living shining inside of me.


IMG_8065 2

To sum up :

3 steps for the mind

  • Look at yourself in a mirror naked
  • Scan yourself from head to toe
  • Accept the body you have

 5 steps for the body 

  • Lay down on your back
  • Close your eyes
  • Inhale & exhale slowly
  • Focus on nothing [Do not think at all]
  • Relax all your muscles



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