How I am spending my Valentine’s Day?

Love Love Love, IMG_6988

It smells of love everywhere, it stinks of love everywhere!

Yes, I am definitely saying that because I’m single…

But that is so cliché for classy ladies like us to say this kinds of cheesy nonsensical, stereotypical sentences.

Little Reminder : It is a Commercial dayIMG_6981

Celebrating love is one thing, but making a Love-Christmas day and clearing the shops in one day is a little too much.

Real lovers know they don’t need a particular day to celebrate their love because it is a constant cycle in their day-to-day life, not an endless cloud raining hearts and glitters.

It is a little sparkle everyday.


Single ladies, put your hands up!

Instead of crying my eyes out in front of Love Actually, Valentine’s Day, The Notebook, Fifty First Dates, The Vow, Dear John, P.S. I love you, Notting Hill… [only for you whiners] ;

I’m calling out my girlfriends whether single or in a relationship, prepare cocktails [mostly mojitos], watching comedies such as Sex and the City, The Devil Wears Prada, John Tucker Must Die, She’s the Man, The Other Woman, Easy A, The Ugly Truth, 27 dresses.

Of course, we laugh the whole night, get tipsy and pee in our sexy Victoria’s Secret panties that we just bought for the occasion to remind the guys that didn’t ask us out tonight what they missed.

And, cherry-on-top, we got a deliciously fancy box of Pink Marc de Champagne truffles for buying these panties.


Manfree or With-a-man,

Love is everywhere, all around us, in every person we pass by.

It is in each person we know and don’t because we are made of it.

Valentine’s day is not only for lovers, it is for everyone.IMG_7000


#MakeLoveNotWar ❤


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