While there is still real people on this planet, a new type of human beings, us the Generation Y or millennials, are re-populating the Earth.

This new species brought a new way of living, eating even breathing! [I don’t blame anyone, I’m part of it too]

Whatever the thing they do in their daily life, they want to share it with E-V-E-R-Y-B-O-D-Y and it surely is a little step to move forward toward a friendly and lovely world!


A selfie can be described as the new weapon of the youngsters and the first way to take a picture if you’re alone doing whatever you’re doing!

Yet, instead of just taking a nice picture of yourself, you can do more than that! You can improve it! Change the brightness, the contrast, the saturation you can be  a real little pro of the Selfie. [Photoshop you’re so over]

So just to wish you a #SundayFunday, I’m sharing with you this incredible video made by Leenda D Productions showing the #RealGirls vs #InstagramGirls


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