How I discovered the uncommon species in the parisian Metro

It has been 2 years and a half,

since I moved in the most beautiful city on Earth; Paris.

I have to say that it was pretty hard at the beginning, to adapt myself from the country side to the modern city. Its people, its streets, its public transportations…

it has been 2 months,

Since I moved to the amazing city of San Diego, that I like to call Sun Diego,

Yet, I miss my efficient Parisian public transportations!! But I do love the shuttle that comes to pick me from my apartment to SDSU. [So fancy!]

Thus, it reminded me my morning ritual back in Paris. Waking up – Cleaning up – put some clothes on – Running to get the train – getting a seat & observing people.


By observing people, I made a discovery:

Rushing to get their train, sometimes squeezing themselves like sardines in each wagon from 8 to 9 a.m. The Parisians, strange species populating 5% of the French population, have a special behavior in the morning once they get in a wagon.

The 2-In-1 Girl,

 is a simple girl, sitting in front of you, who tried the new 100% nude make-up [with some bed-effect] but you don’t really pay attention, it is only when you lift your head up again to check the station that you find that another girl, perfectly made up, is sitting in front of you and you didn’t even realized it.

It is only when you go down at your stop, you understand that the girl sitting in front of you was the same you first saw, yet if you had lift up your eyes from your book you would have seen her mastering the art of the eye-liner in the PT*.

Take-back the night guy,

is the guy sitting in a four square seats, leaning not very graciously on the window, eyes closed, mouth wide open with drool trickling down. He surely didn’t have enough sleep yesterday night, probably trying to finish the powerpoint for today’s meeting.


is the 50 year old man reading the newspaper even though there is clearly not enough space to extend it entirely and he doesn’t want to evolve by reading the news on his smartphone! No no no! He wants to annoy everyone around him.


is the person who keeps reading whatever the traffic and could even miss his stop because he just bought the last novel written by Cecelia Ahern. Do not even try to tell him to move his feet he won’t hear you.


as you probably got it, I’m definitely talking about the candy crush addicts! But in the same category, you also have the Sudoku Masters, the Flappy Birds, the 21st century farmers playing Hay Day [Thanks Hester]… I could continue but seriously I’m overwhelmed by all of this right now.


It is me!!! Watching you and trying to find what are the thing you do and why you’re doing that. [Fear me people! Yes! You! Reading my article with a pineapple coconut juice in your hand!]IMG_7069 (1)


*PT = Public Transportations


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