Hotel Del Coronado, San Diego, CA

Have you heard ?

Have you heard the whispers wandering in the corridor of the Hotel del Coronado ?

No it is not a ghost story about Kate Morgan and the room 3312.

It is the walls, remembering the Old Time when Marilyn used to walk from room to room, singing I wanna be loved by you…

It worked I am unconditionally in love !

 The name, Del Coronado, didn’t mean anything to me until I saw the first hints of the architecture, the white and red colors, the wood, the flag… What a great surprise ! How come I didn’t know about that ! It hit me hard: SOME LIKE IT HOT !marilyn-monroe-tony-curtis-some-like-it-hot-c-mgm

As soon as I stepped inside the hotel, my eyes were wide open, scanning any tips and bits of it, absorbing, inhaling, feeling the dust of the past.

The scent of the dark wood fighting the bright light of the majestic chandelier in the lobby, the elevator as if it was made of gold opening in a high tone : « Ding » ! I almost believed that I was back in time awaiting for Marilyn to step out instead, I saw the authentic elevator operator wearing his vintage little brown hat.

My heart almost broke down while crossing the courtyard, as if my eyes put on some instagram B&W filter driving me back to 1959 yet we are in 2015, we see the world in dazzling colors. So crossing it, with the intense feeling of attachement to this place, I followed the way hoping to end on the beach.

Even the Parasols kept the fringes look of the 50’s !

[Yes I’m jealous of a Parasol]image_2

So I sat on the warm sand and as I could not bring Marilyn back to life, I did my Marilyn. I lay down on my towel, enjoyed the sun warming my entire body and embraced the pin-up hiding inside each of us. [I’m not blond though but I still have my red lipstick on]

It is a day dream, the sun is shining & I wish you to experience this indescribable feeling

Fun Fact : the beach is gold. [Don’t believe me ?]

Maybe Marilyn left some glitters and sparkles behind her…



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