5 Reasons : You’re a shopaholic

Being a shopaholic,

is experiencing the phenomenon also known as the shopping fever.

I’ve been diagnosed when I was in mid-school but I got aware of it when I went to college.

Anecdote: My first year in college was catastrophic… For my Bank Account. Living in the 16th Arrondissement of Paris, between Rue de La Pompe & Rue de Passy, next to San Marina, my new best friend, the color red was in vogue this season in my balance account..

Here are the 5 things you will recognize if you are a shopaholic:

1. You can’t go back home without swiping your credit card at least once a day in your favorite shop

Ah, I can still remember the time I received my first credit card. It was absolutely amazing!

For the first time in my life, I had the freedom to choose what I wanted to buy without asking anyone for permission or about their opinion, because the only one that counted was mine! I was 13 and after class, I used to wander the street of my little town and as cool as it was in 2008, I used to stop at Pimkie or Claire’s to buy the nicest grungy jeans or black/pink spikey earrings .


2. The best work-out is lifting more and more bags

I don’t know about you, but I hate when someone wants to help me holding my bags. I don’t care if it is heavy or light. They are mine! They are ALL MINE! My precious…

3. Whatever the weather, it is always a wonderful day to go shopping

When I want something I want it now! [No I’m not spoiled at all]

You could put this as a positive attribute on your CV: determined and motivated! I definitely am, it could be raining cats and dogs or there could be a snowstorm, with the right pair of boots and gloves you could conquer the world.

Shopping is like yoga you have to learn how to appreciate it and breath a lot when you run to catch the metro. [Student life is tough!]

4. OMG did you see the price of these shoes! NeverIMG_7222 mind, I won’t eat for 2 weeks

Hello Valentino Shoes!

Mamamia ma che? 540 euros?

I think 2 weeks is not enough I’ll probably start to fast a whole month… It can make you religious without even realizing it!

[It hurts I love food so much 😥 ]

5. Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t want to go out? Thank God for creating ASOS.

Okay, it is Sunday… All the shops are closed, you are watching episode after episode on Netflix with your cat. You don’t want to move…

Hey wait a minute! Do I feel my Ipad under kitty’s belly? Ohohoh… What pops up first? ASOS App for sure!IMG_7215

At the end, I learned something… The person who created the slogan “Drink Responsibly” made a mistake. It should be:




Location: BLVD 63, San Diego, CA
Pic Credit: Hester Franken

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