Aerial Cetnar a.k.a. Mermaid Yogi

During my journey in the refreshing state of CALIFORNIA,

I was faced by all this fit and cool people that populate San Diego. Their secret? Going to the beach, ride the wild waves… But there is also the chill people, that prefer to hang out on the green area {and by green, I don’t mean puf-puf-pass}, the YOGIS!

Wanting to keep my feet on the ground,

I decided that I could try this new thing and I became a real addict! The only thing is that I don’t have to go to rehab for it!

So, searching for challenging yoga poses on Instagram I found the account of a surprising and motivating yogi called @MermaidYogi_ living in LA! Unfortunately, I had missed her when she was in San Diego for a trendy yoga session. But, destiny made our paths to cross again in Paris and I jump on the occasion to have a little chitchat!

Jems Write : So you’re real name is Aerial, like the mermaid ?!
Aerial : Yes ! I always get called little mermaid, since I’m little.
Capture d’écran 2015-06-22 à 15.59.07pic credit: mermaidyogi_


JW That's how you got the idea of the name : mermaid yogi ?
A : Yes, as I get called mermaid a lot, I just come up with  it !
JW : Do you feel close to the sea genuinely ?
A : Yes I love the ocean, I used to never bring a board {Like every other californian people}, I just jump in and I always get called by the lifeguard because I am so far !Capture d’écran 2015-06-22 à 16.09.39                                                           Pic credit: mermaidyogi_
JW : Alright ! So you’re a yogi ! But is it a hobby or is it more professional ?
A : It is kind of a mix actually! I teach it but I also do it on my own !
JW : When did you start ?
A  : I would say when I took yoga for the first time is when I got to SDSU ! I went to the Yoga classes there.  But I went there every so often.  Especially when I was stressed during finals week and I liked it. But I never went really consistently until I start to going to this class that was in PB{BEST PLACE EVER IN SAN DIEGO!} that was like on the grass above the ocean and I think  you know I always did indoors but since I did it outdoors I realized « Actually this is pretty nice ! ».
JW : When did you get fascinated by it ?
A : I would say since I started Yoga Teacher Training, just a little bit over a year ago !
JW : Okay and what pushed you to be an instructor?
A : What really pushed me to be an instructor is when I was working at the children’s hospital in San Diego.  I was working with the psychiatric unit and one time, one of the girl was having hallucinations, hearing voices.  At that time, I didn’t really know that much about yoga but I thought that she could use, you know,the breathing exercises,  stretching… And I did it for her ! And it  did help her a lot !

JW : So you were studying psychology in SDSU ?
A : Yes !
JW : And you mixed Yoga with Psychology to help children ?
A : Yes !
JW : That is amazing !
A : I realized how helpful it could be, I became an instructor and I want to mix  the two in my studiesCapture d’écran 2015-06-22 à 16.18.20.                              Pic credit: mermaidyogi_
JW : Did you see any radical result yet ?
A : Yes, I mean, I am doing small breathing exercises with children, I see that it helps.But I haven’t done my research yet… I am in the process.
JW : That is a really good subject for a thesis !
A : It is actually a dissertation !  I just finished my 1st year, I still have 3 more years to go, it will be a long journey !
JW : Maybe it’s going to be a revolution in the world of psychology !!
A : That would be nice !
JW : You told me before that you help one child that had hallucinations with breathing exercises but do you practice other exercises for different mental issues ?
A : I am not a 100% sure of yet, but I know that mindfulness definitely helps.
JW : What is mindfulness ?
A : It is basically learning to bring yourself into the present moment. Being mindful of what is going on around you, you know because you know when you start to panic or you have anxiety it is about futuristic or post things.
JW : Do you also teach these children basic yoga poses ?
A : Oh yes ! I taught them very basic things like « touch your toes », « sit there and breath for a little bit », more restorative which is helpful.

No doubt Aerial has a great project and I cannot wait to see the results!



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