5 Reasons: To date Miguel

You know the feeling when you find an addictive song?

I had the same feeling when I discovered MIGUEL.

Mesmerizing... Anyone hearing the first notes of his songs, 
Miguel, Gorgeous MexicanAfricanAmerican Superman,
is a 29 year-old singer with great powers sneaking 
out of his vocal chords.

I wouldn’t dare to admit that he knows how to talk to ladies better than John Legend…. [Deep down I feel he is!]

Here is why Miguel is the perfect guy to date!

He’ll adorn you 

Not the type of guy who jumps on you in a night club, he wouldn’t like to scare you. But more the one that tries to keep an eye contact.

At some point, if it feels right, he’ll come to you and try to show you his personality.

He’ll make you coffee in the morning

One night stand? He is not that kind of guy!

He respects you so he prefers to make you feel important and  won’t use you like a piece of meat.

He’ll belong to you 

After a while, you’ll get to know each other…

He’ll sacrifice his life for yours 

[…] To the point he will never want to hurt you. And if he does, he’ll beg for forgiveness.

he’ll love you for sure [thing]

At the end, he’ll realize how much he loves you!

Miguel is Magic.
But it's only fiction babes.





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