Today is a big day !

Time to put out your lipstick and color these cute lips of yours !

Perfect timing 

Because I wanted to introduce you to this amazing brand I’ve known for a few weeks now :

Lime Crime ; and its particular slogan « MakeUp for Unicorns ».

No… You don’t have to be a unicorn to use it but YOU can save unicorns and Buy it !

Indeed Lime Crime is a brand 100% organic and absolutely against the abuse of any animals        ⇒ Cruelty Free.

Created by the eccentric MakeUp Lover @Doe Deere, a supa gal from L.A. who believed in her dream and made it HAPPEN.

My favorite lipstick…

of this brand comes from the Velvetines and is called Wicked ! A dark and mysterious red liquid-to-matte making you look delicious !!!

Here are three steps… to put your velvetine perfectly without dripping :

1st : Take a lip liner (same color or a little bit darker to create an Ombre effect)
2nd : Contour your lips


3rd : Fill the space with your Magic Velvetine starting with the bottom lip.

bimbamboom yOU’RE WICKED COOL!



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