RoadTrip#2: LA – Santa Monica

After our Stop at the PaliHotel on Melrose Avenue,

I finally decided to post the 2nd part of our adventure in the city of Angels.

Walking Walking Walking,

was indeed the word rhyming the day, well we ran pretty much as well, mostly when we tried to find…. And got lost… Come on! I cannot tell you everything! You must watch the Video!

Though I can tell you that…

I was delightfully surprised by our moment on the Pier, thanks again @RobBurnell for sharing your sweet sweet voice!

We did a little bit of basic tourism too because we’re french and we didn’t see the Famous Walk of Fame except in movies. I have to say that I was a little bit disappointed except from the fact that I met THE Jack Sparrow !

At the end of the day [Around 10pm]

We found ourselves lost again in the streets of LA searching for Da best brazilian restaurant : Bossa Nova! I never had a food that delicious or I was freaking hungry! [can’t tell]

Weird Fact: it’s right in front of a strip-club called the Seventh Veil!

Next Morning:

Woke up – Got dressed – FOOD TIME! [I like to eat don’t judge me]

We had breakfast at Froma and *POOF* headed to our next stop : SAN FRANCISCO!




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