The Time of my life – Cecelia Ahern

What if your life was a person?

A “normal” human being living its own life yet yield to each actions you’re taking which is reverberated on its health.

Though it’s not that simple… A good action won’t make your life healthier and a bad action won’t make it worst.

It is how you’re living your entire life that will affect him/her.

So if you’re lying to yourself, pretend to be a person that you’re not and one day you meet your life in the Flesh, you’ll really see what you’re looking like from the inside.

12023227_10206751460559357_1476915841_n 12047386_10206751459919341_386152219_n[Actually this would be really helpful]

That’s exactly what is happening in Cecelia Ahern‘s novel –> The Time of my Life.  Lucy Silchester met her life and *BOOM* everything changed dramatically.

The Time of my Life by Cecelia:


[#1 book I read from this author] first made me fall in love with her writing and then fall in love with myself…

Maybe, I was in this particular point in my life where I took it for granted without any plans for the future which is still a little away but not that far.

Also, I was kind of young and didn’t really want to finish as the Lucy Silchester[main character] of the beginning of the book. So, I decided to make my life as meaningful as possible to stay as healthy as the Lucy Silchester of the end of the book.

in Cecelia Ahern’s mind,

one of those mysterious place, is where all the magic happens!

And I would gladly jump into it at any occasions to understand how and from where does she find all these unexpected plots?

Indeed, the bestselling author of P.S. I love you, can write anything ordinary at first sight but succeeds in spreading sparkles in your eyes all the way down her peculiar stories. [Respect]

How does she make her characters so special and alive? We’ll never know… What we can do is check out her new story coming soon : The Marble

#HappyBirthdayCecelia ❤




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