A body image lesson

What I call an Organic French Beauty is represented by this girl:

Mélany Bailon

Old friend of mine, I was surprised to see she started a modeling career a few years ago. Named as Claudia Lully.

If you know me as much as I know you,

you could imagine what crossed my mind in the first place… *INTERVIEW*

Jems Write: What gave you the idea of becoming a model? 

Claudia: At the beginning, becoming a model was kind of a challenge; I wanted to overcome my limits in front of a photographer requiring several things such as poses,  facial expressions particularly natural expression starting with my eyes.

Also, I am not the type modeling agencies are looking for, I’m quite small and I have a different shape from all those skinny mermaids. So, the idea of becoming a model, being perceived as “beautiful and attractive” without following the rules of the World of Fashion represents a huge fulfillment.

JW: How did you feel during your 1st photo shoot? 
Pierre Louis
February 2015 by Pierre Louis

C: My first shoot [February 2015] was really intense. I was stressed and uncomfortable in front of the camera, but the challenge was what I expected from a shy girl like me. Now when I think about it, I’m laughing at myself. [HAHA]

JW : Is it more of a personal fulfillment 
or you want to become a professional?

C: For the moment, it is just a hobby, a way to have fun while exchanging with photographers whom I deeply respect and with who I created strong friendships.

I only did partnerships [without any money involved, just exchanges of loyal services] but it helps me being confident in my body and soul. Well, if an opportunity to pose for professionals pops up I won’t decline it!

 JW: What message do you want to share with women?

 C: A KISS [Keep It Short & Simple] Message:  Be yourself and stay natural!

All women have different shapes and features. For instance, I have wide shoulders and hips and a slim waist yet it could be the contrary from a friend of mine to another. We cannot fight against our DNA except if you try plastic surgery but what is the fun in looking like everyone else?

Melany Bailon 3
By Mélany Bailon

Moreover, on most of my pictures, I didn’t put any make up on, not even a tiny bit of mascara on my eyelashes . I’m not used to put make up everyday anyway. I prefer to remain myself with my imperfections. [JW: You know what they say “First rule of a luxury product : Its imperfections!”] A lot of photographers told me they enjoyed this natural side of me during the shoot. I cannot accept using Photoshop and change the shape of my face or my eyes the size of my lips… It would be lying from my point of view!

JW: What do you think of the idea of beauty in the World of Fashion
and its rules to become a model [for example: tall, skinny...] ?

C: I found if fake. Desperately wanting to represent the women, we are showing the extremes. It is simple to understand: take a street and take a look at the women walking by, few will be as tall or as skinny… A woman is made to have a generous shape and a personality.

Of course, some women are naturally thin and this represents a beautiful diversity!

Mélany Bailon 2
By Mélany Bailon

We need to stop worshipping those “top models”. Just take a look at the “most iconic and gorgeous Ladies of the world” like Scarlett Johansson, Beyonce or Monica Bellucci, they don’t wear a size 2 but still they are prettier than a model who is 20 and who is almost falling apart. Reminder: Marilyn Monroe used to wear a size 10!

That is why I’m looking for authenticity and natural in my pictures. “Being yourself without harming yourself. At least when I show or post my pics, someone can bump into me and recognize me easily.

Well ladies, everybody could be a model if they want to, you just need motivation and learn to accept your body, its perks and imperfections and use them without being vulgar!




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