Anna Karenine x Golshifteh Farahani

Last Tuesday,

wandering through the streets of my picturesque hometown CHARTRES, I was surprised that our theater was showcasing the play Anna Karenine by Léon Tolstoï.

As you may or may not know, one of my favorite artist got the main role : an Iranian Goddess known as Golshifteh Farahani.

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Ce soir #AnnaKarenine a #Chartres

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For this special edition of the play directed by Gaëtan Vassart, Golshifteh is starring as Anna.

A delicacy for the eyes and ears

For the first time in my entire life of “time-checker-on-my-iphone-screen”, I didn’t miss a bit of the show. Mrs Farahani was so delightful and charming, reciting every bit of her part in French! I didn’t even know she could!

Even though it broke my heart when the theater refused to give me a 5 minutes interview, I was still determined to see the play. 18 euros spent away but for a really good purpose, I was mesmerized by the two hour play! (Never checked my phone, so well done Gaëtan!)

To add more surprise and level of fascination,

she started playing the piano and dancing with so much grace. Embodying perfectly the mysterious, hypnotizing and irresistible Anna Karenine (I think I might have fell in love with her talent).

G. F. embodies everything a woman would like to be : fearless, smart, overflow-y beautiful.

Indeed for those who know this actress, are aware that she is the symbol of determination. She didn’t let anything stop her from doing what she is passionate about: Acting.

And even though waiting an hour after the play didn’t get me a picture with her, I still had the chance to see her play in the flesh! ❤

Gif @golfarahani

Get your tickets before it’s SOLD OUT ! –> right here


M. J.

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