Roadtrip #4: Sonoma

Last chapter of my Californian story

It is heartbreaking but I was so thrilled all along the way!

I met wonderful people each step of the journey but I’m glad the one to stick by my side were my best friend and the most talented journalist in San Diego city.

So, for this final shot, I couldn’t let you go without visiting the beautiful…

Wineries of Sonoma

After San Francisco, our guide T. decided to say hi to some friends in Sonoma, so how could we say no to some girl moments.

An absolutely perfect last stop, before going back to our little place in SD.

Perfect for this :

– Girls gang

– New Town

– Wine Tasting

Seriously who hasn’t dreamt of cycling winery after winery a little tipsy under the Californian sun ? Please tell me who!

3 stops, 3 wineries, 3 wine tips🍷 :

The first stop at Truett-Hurst Winery

The winery is absolutely charming. With its fancy farm kind of look, I felt like staying there forever. The garden is crossed by a natural river giving even more need to sit back and relax.

  • Tip : best red wine, I’ve ever tasted. (Shame I didn’t write down the name)

Second stop at Ferrari-Carano:

A cute italian californian-based winery with the chicest area. The entrance really makes the difference as soon as you cross the flower arch and walk through and up the garden.

  • Tip : For chocolate lovers😻, you should definitely try the red wine with a dark chocolate flavor called Baci (Kiss in italian). It is succulent red dessert wine that will go really well with… Well for me pretty much everything !

Last stop and yes this is bad but…

I can’t remember the name & no! I was not hammered at all, not at all!

I remember how mesmerized by the view upon the valley showing off its vines.

Thank you for being an amazing reader, I hope I made you feel
a sense of wander through your screen !
Let me know if you find the name of its winery!

Lots of love ❤



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