You don’t need to read this.

You just got out of your Business School and you feel as lost as I am?

You are looking for a desperate passion to drive you where you always wanted to be?

Welcome to the club mate! ✌️

I recently finished my business studies, in a school I’m not very proud of.

You’re going to ask me: “Then, why did you go there?”

And I’ll simply answer: “I didn’t realize that I should start living and making decisions on my own.”

After a BBA in a fine business school, I took the easy way and instead of nurturing my brain, I let it starve to death. I have to say I am not proud of it. I only realized it after graduating. I literally wasted two years of my life doing shit.

How did I blissfully open my eyes?

Thanks to the startup I’m interning in right now.

A motherfucking A.I. startup with only geniuses crushing it and rolling their asses to the top. But let’s be real, when I arrived there I hated my job. Actually I didn’t, I just hated myself for not being useful for the job. For not being passionate as they were. Conclusion: I totally shut down.

So for two years, I absorbed the fact that I was useless [call it whateverdepressionyouwant], passionless until now. (ACTUALLY WE’RE WITNESSING THIS LIVE OMG, It’s like my brain turned on again)

30 minutes ago I watched this Ted Video, videos I used to watch everyday before my BS-BS (BullShit-BusinessSchool), and I finally realized that I stopped myself living because I thought that as a freshly graduated student, my passion or CV would drive my life to my goal. Clueless I was, that it’s not how it works.

It might sounds stupid to you, but when I finished my BBA, I felt so lost I let my brain believed that destiny would bring me somewhere nicer than the place I was. In a way it didn’t. In a way it did.

It didn’t because I lost time, money and knowledge.

It did because I understood that I should not fear the unknown and keep doing the things I like which will drive new thriving passions.

What I learnt from this ted talk is that, like any kind of emotion, the fact of being passionate is ephemeral. Therefore, we should not look or let it come to us. We should start living our lives in order to create something worth waking up to, no matter the significance.

There’s 3 quotes that helps me pushing myself a little further:

  1. Do not fear the unknown, it’ll make you grow
  2. Failure is an opportunity to learn

My favorite : 3. What if I fall? But darling, what if you fly? ❤

Fear of doing anything will slow you down. At the end, you’ll be miserable with your current life if you stay in your comfort tiny cycle. Get out, fall, learn, get up, do it again and just fly.



M. J.

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